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    A wool and dog story

    Made in the UK

Weaving and textiles are in our heritage.

The Hattie & George range of dog collars, dog leads and dog bow ties has been born out of a desire to produce beautifully made pet products using fabrics and fittings that we are 100% invested in.

Hattersley Aladdin Weaving loom

Steeped In History

The parent company of Hattie & George is steeped in history & heritage, dating back to 1789, at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Many textiles woven in the UK, were then and still are, produced on weaving looms made by our parent company, we are immensely proud that some of those materials are part of the Hattie & George product range.

Who would have thought that Hattie & George would be embarking (pardon the pun) on a journey using fabrics made on looms from our parent company’s past, and flying the flag for everything that is great about UK manufacturing.

That same parent company is an established supplier to some of the worlds' leading luxury brands so it felt a natural choice to take the craftsmanship and experience we have and apply it to something we all feel passionate about …. Dogs!

The Decision was easy

Once we decided to launch Hattie & George it got our teams tongues wagging (sorry) and more and more ideas were forthcoming. Comments such as…. “ we see lots of dog collars we like but then they have nasty buckles” or “they look nice from the outside but they are finished poorly on the inside and that is what is next to my Dog’s skin” the input was amazing but endless (thanks team). So we collated all the feedback and made a promise to address each persons concerns and Hattie & George Heritage was launched.

For the love of dogs

For the love of Dogs!

We are all dog lovers at Hattie & George, and after searching for the perfect dog lead, collar or accessory ourselves, we decided we could do better! Our range offers an unrivalled choice of fine Italian Leather linings, to complement a wide variety of stunning Harris Tweeds, which are finished off by a choice of different hardware colours.

We truly believe every dog is an individual, which is why we have been inspired to invest so much time and energy in creating our wonderful range of dog products, so that each dog, and their human friend can choose colours and designs, which are a true reflection of their personality!

Although the Hattie & George range is a continuation of our tradition and desire to produce quality made British products, we have considered modern trends as well as heritage styles and colours. Our values remain based on quality, practicality and style but due to the fact you can configure your own collar you can set your own trend or hark back to one from yesteryear.

We want you to love Hattie & George as much as we do

We hope you will be delighted with your new purchase, and please remember to post a picture, we love to see our dog collars, dog leads and dog bow ties & designs being enjoyed by our customers!

Please also follow us, we have many ideas for new products, we plan to launch in the future. We also welcome your feedback, we are always looking at ways we can improve and if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you

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