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Measuring your best friend is an important task in ensuring the perfect fit - for style and safety.

All dogs are unique as with people we differ in size even though we are the same breed. Below is a guide to measuring your dog for a perfect fit.

Ideally, use a flexible tape measure. If you don't have one use a piece of string and then measure that.

Place the measure around your dogs neck, where the collar would naturally sit, keep 2-3 fingers inside the tape against your dog’s neck, and then take the measurement.

Our measuring size guide below will then confirm a suitable size.

Please note our collars are adjustable, and some dogs may fit more than one size, in this situation we suggest opting for the larger size.


Dog with Collies and Cream Collar


Breed Size Collar Length mm

Collar Length

Collar widths
Collar widths
XS 230mm - 310mm 9inch - 12inch 15mm 23 inch Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Jack Russell
S 300mm - 420mm 12inch - 1612inch 20mm 34 inch Cocker Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Schnauzer
M 370mm - 480mm 1513inch - 19inch 25mm 1 inch Weimaraner, Boxer, Red Setter
L 390mm - 570mm 15inch - 22inch 25mm 1 inch Labrador, Golden Retriever


Hattie & George Harris Tweed leads are 1.2 metre in length and in three widths. 25mm suitable for large & medium collars, 20mm suitable for small collars and 15mm suitable for extra small collars.

Bow Ties

XS and S 8cm x 5cm Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Schnauzer
M and L 11cm x 7cm Weimaraner, Boxer, Red Setter, Labrador, Golden Retriever

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